no job to small

We specialize in the small jobs.  Do you have a long "honey-do" list and a honey have that doesn't have time to do? That's where we come in! Don't let those small repairs turn into a larger ones because you just didn't get around to it. From installing windows to hauling off old furniture- we will do it for you!  Our crew has done it all and can knock out that list in no time!

making it different with design

We understand the figuring out the design of your project can be daunting.  Well we want to make it fun...and affordable. Believe it or not -this is possible!  If you don't know exactly what you want and you have a tight budget, let us help. We offer a design consultant at no charge to you! Give us your hopes and dreams for your reno and we will do our best to make it happen.  From paint color to light fixtures-we've got you covered!  Click to see a DESIGN EXAMPLE

complete with staging

Life happens and our homes take the brunt of our busy schedules!  Our kids "art" projects, the growing piles of books, the aged photos that haven't been replaces, and the collection of ratty pillows that are too comfy to throw away are all just part of things that collect in our house over the years.  When you start thinking about selling your home, these things are the last thing on your mind...but the first thing that shows up in pictures!  We provide a wide range of staging services that all fit within your budget.  Give us a shout and let us help get your house back!  

realtor assist

Many Real estate agents take on the repair or renovation responsibility when listing/selling a house, such as suggesting needed repairs or fixes, meeting with contractors, arranging work to be done , following up to make sure work has been completed, and, finally, paying for work to be done.  We want to help relieve this burden from the agents responsibility. Dogwood Homes takes pride in providing all of these services, along with detailed estimates, invoices, and receipts to the home-owner or buyer - all within the contractual timeline required.   

Visit FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS tab for more information! 

free detailed estimates

When you get an estimate from a contractor don't you wish it could be detailed and thorough, outlining the costs of goods, labor, and any extras?  We thought you might!  We promise to be transparent with every detail.  Our goal is to create an open and honest relationship-no surprises.  We are a team and aim to complete the project on time and just as you expect.  We are committed to customer satisfaction.- no exceptions. Click to see an ESTIMATE EXAMPLE