It all started in 2014 when we bought a Hillcrest gem-our first fixer-upper! It was an ambitious project to say the least but we were excited and ready for the challenge. We learned so much on this project, as we do on all of our projects, and realized that we were pretty good at it.  This started our passion for fixing and flipping which soon lead to helping others.  Now we are going full speed ahead!   

Gareth Hughes
Owner/Project Managerject consultant

He's the brains behind the whole operation.  Gareth started working for The Hatcher Agency when he was 19 years old and continues to work there in sales.  His flexible schedule allowed for us to start our first fixer-upper and it just blew up from there!  He realized he had a passion for not only construction, but working with people.  He is organized, cool under pressure, and thoughtful which are important characteristics to have in this job!  He continues to learn something new on every job but promises to give it everything he has to make it just the way you want.  

Randy Wooley
Project Coordinator 

Randy brings a variety of experience to us that includes law enforcement, management, insurance agent, and remodeling.  He and Gareth met many years ago while both working at The Hatcher Agency.  Randy began his construction and remodeling career through Greg Hatcher, when he was made Project Manager on the Hatcher Agency building renovation, and numerous commercial buildings and residential projects.  He has been with Dogwood Homes since 2017, and will be a face you see from beginning to end on your home project. 

Cristie Hughes

She has dabbled in a lot of things over the last 10 years, from a women's buyer at Dillard's to a Realtor, but working with homeowners to help bring their dream home come true is what drives her! From her design experience in retail, she has the eye for fashion and trend. While her time in real estate helps guide homeowners to the most cost efficient decisions.  "I try to make it as easy as possible by getting an idea of what you like and finding an affordable way to make it happen.  Let us help you with those tough decisions."  She likes to say she does the "fun" part of a home remodel but her husband disagrees! 

Jason Duncan
Project Coordinator 

Jason Duncan was born in Chicago to a military family and has lived in more than two dozen cities in this life time, leading him to jokingly say he's "from everywhere and nowhere".  Being well traveled, he's been exposed to a large variety of building techniques and styles.  He has more than 10 years experience in the construction industry, with a number of trades.  He has been designing homes since 2016 and has been managing jobs since 2017.  "I love what I do.  I became a designer and builder because I'm fascinated by how our built environment influences and affects our quality of life, as well as our mental and emotional health."  He uses industrial materials, smart home technology, and advanced manufacturing techniques into home design.  Duncan equally enjoys the challenge of helping clients find their own cohesive theme for their building projects.